MC4000 Stability issues

Hi Everyone

I have been looking for a small controller to use at home or for gigs when my sc5000 players are too much. The mc4000 ticked all the boxes and was a great price compared to other controllers I needed so purchased one about a 6 weeks ago (brand new).

I have only been using it at home so far and have only used it a handful of times, but I have had the controller lock up and and become totally unresponsive needing to be turned off and back on again, and on another occasion, when i moved the cue/master dial, the track on deck 2 had it’s pitch altered radically

I have yet to experience the track stopping and reloading as per other posts I have read.

I have the latest firmware installed (1.17 I think) and running the latest version of serato pro

My worry is that issues like this make me very nervous about using the controller at a gig and I am worried that I now have a £359 paperweight as I can no longer return the item- I think trying to return for a refund at this stage would be a battle. Has anyone got any suggestions or help it would be much appreciated.

Big Thanks

As you have probably seen, there are posts about different problems when using the controller with SDJ software and they all seem to be issues with how the software comunicates with the controller. Remember, controllers are nothing more that glorified keyboards.

Good news is that no such issues have been reported by other users with Traktor or VDJ so the thing is you probably have a perfectly fine hardware that has a wonky native mapping with the software you wanted to use it and was designed for it. Unfortunately, this is one case where the strong side of the software is also the weak side: native mappings that are hardcoded into the software with limited user controls. Since the SDJ is a paid upgrade for it, Serato is not so interested in looking where the midi conflicts are occuring (midi message from the controller triggers unwanted action in the software).

If you’re not willing to use it with other software I would try to return it. As I said, in Traktor and VDJ it works perfect (have a friend that uses it with Traktor)