MC4000 MAC Connection Issue

Dear Community,

I am brand new to this forum and am new to Denon (used Pioneer in the past). I just received my Denon MC4000 but have some serious issues:

I cannot connect my MC4000 to my MacBook Pro, 2012 - Catalina 10.15.1

I’ve connected it with the supplied usb cable, but whenever I switch on the controller, i only see the shift buttons, load buttons, and loop buttons illuminated. I can’t scroll through files on Serato Pro - 2.3.5 (14 day trial). Controller seems to do nothing.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I looked under ‘System Preferences’ - ‘Privacy & Security’ - ‘Microphone’ and Serato is not listed here either.

I don’t have the controller wired to an amp yet as I am not at home. What I do have is: controller connected to MacBook w/ USB, and MacBook connected through Bluetooth to external speaker.

I am baffled. Thank you in advance!


Connect the controller to speakers not the laptop

Make sure Serato DJ Pro software decks are on INT Mode.

Did you try Serato Lite?

Thanks for you input Mufasa! Much appreciated!!

I’ve got it working now; the problem was my Serato Pro software - the 14 day trial isn’t activating, which means the software wasn’t activated. I downloaded Serato Lite just to test to see if it would work, and it does! I will purchase Serato Pro tomorrow and there should be no issues with it… hopefully.


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