Mc 7000 talk over not engaging

After engaging the talk over button the music remains at same volume when speaking on mic. Tried wired and wireless. Any suggestions?

By the microphone input level control, there is a light which shows Low incoming signal (green), OK signal (amber/yellow) and strong incoming signal (red).

It is how much mic signal (which obviously increases as you talk) which triggers the Talkover to dip the music. If the input light is only registering green, or only showing amber/red for a very short time (“hi”) then then talker may not have received enough signal (or enough signal for enough time) to trigger the talk over.

As an aside many many years ago I used to use talk over buttons but a friend of mine I shadowed just used the line fader up and down as he spoke. So I tried doing the same and found just moving the line fader up and down far more intuitive, and meant that I could regulate the level of the music as I was going, it also meant that the music came out and in at the right times and made the whole process of mic work so much more smooth.

Nothing wrong with talk over buttons (duck) but try out the line fader on your next gig and see how you find it, I bet you’ll never engage that button again.

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This is the method I have always used, much more natural. If you have adjustable ducking with attack, attenuation and release like on broadcast consoles, it’s the closest you can get. But hey that is top level gear.

can’t beat the manual method, but that’s just me.