MC 7000 Problems red amber light and sound distortion

Hello ,I have a problem where the red light and amber light appearing every now and again during my gigs in the top right of the screen ,it isnt anything to do with the volume too loud , as this isnt set high on the gain . During a recent gig I also had to reset my laptop controller as the tracks speeded up and playback was very scartchy ,I have tried different USB ports but still get the warning lights amber and red. On a seperate issue my talk over facility on the mic isnt working either. Maybe all these issues are connected ?? Maybe is it a matter of downloading the latest firmware ?I tried this yesterday but it is in a zipped file but is showing on my downloads so unsure if Ive downloaded it correctly? .Or is it having anything to do with having the latest driver for Windows ? Operating Windows 8 Serato 2.1 DJ Pro

Please assist with above problems

Regards Mike

Hello We would advise updating your controller to the latest firmware, then if this issue still continues contact technical support. If you open the zip file the update will be in there :slight_smile:

Your problem is Serato 2.1. Its terrible on the Mc7000 and just about everything else. Go back to Serato 2.0.5 and everything will be sweet.