MC 7000 Platter Freezing


Hello my MC7000 is really ■■■■■■■ me off!! I play music anywhere from 5 mins up to 40 mins where everything is fine and then all of a sudden my right platter locks up. the left platter works fine this is soooo annoying!

I’m running the latest firmware for the MC7000. I reverted back to serato 2.0 from 2.1 to see if it was a serato issue but it’s not, the controller still freezes… what’s the fix???

I really don’t want to get rid of the controller but i’m getting really frustrated. i’ll lose money if i trade it in for the SX3 since they’re not offering much on trade. this ■■■■■, my controller is mint and i’d prefer to keep it but i can’t go on like this.


Hello I do apologise for these issues you are having. It must be frustrating. Have you contacted technical support yet in regards to this issue?


No i haven’t prior tries to contact cs went unanswered. i came to the forum as a microwave remedy hoping someone has went through the same and resolved the issue already.


Does anyone know what this problem can be??


Hi @Bonafyd,

It’s very possible that this is a problem with the hardware, in which case you should get in contact with our support team.

I understand that you weren’t receiving our responses last time. Looks like a misspelled email address. I will have someone get in touch with you today, so please look out for that communication.


Contacted CS and as usual no response… why would they when they can’t fix issue.


Sorry to hear that. Tech Support has been open all morning and actively answering calls and emails. I’m concerned you may not be using the right contact form or phone number.

In any case, one of our agents just called and emailed you. Please respond to them so we can correct this for you.


Bro i missed a call from Rich Mugle, call back, left voicemail…


I had platter issues in Serato 2.1. The serato forums of full of these issues. I uninstalled Serato and went back to 2.0.5 which works perfectly with Mc7000 v2.1