Mc 4000 traktor Pro 3 & Pro 2 midi file

hi… sorry abıut English. I would like to ask about the mid map of the Traktor of the Mc 4000 device. when I turn on the Tractor Pro 3 or 2 software, the software does not fit the MC 4000 in Fader’s, eq,FX’s and headphone knobs & other settings. I have to reset all faders and FX channels every time. for example, if I do not reset the track when I play The FADER closed even if it sounds is to output to directly. Where’s the problem here? Help Please.

Controllers made for Traktor, when plugged in, send a midi message to the software telling it at what positions all the knobs and faders are. MC4000 is not made for Traktor.

There is a option in Traktor preferences to reset controls at startup, use that and set your controller knobs and faders at 0 on startup.