Master vu problem denon mc4000

I recently bought a denon mc4000 virtual dj 8 and my big problem is that I can’t change the output meter to show the level of a-b ch but I want to see the master output level!


Happy to help!

The meters are going to change depending on what you are doing with the controller. There is a great explanation in the User Manual:

Level Meters: These LEDs display the audio signal depending on the state of each deck and Channel Fader. The meters are not affected by the position of the Master Knob.

If a Channel Fader is at its minimum position, the meter will show the deck’s pre-fader level. The left meter represents Deck 1, and the right meter represents Deck 2.

If a Channel Fader is higher than its minimum position, both meters will show the summed, post-fader output of the playing deck(s).

Press the Cue button on a deck to split the meters between a cued deck (Channel Fader at its minimum position) and a playing deck (Channel Fader higher than its minimum position). The LEDs for the Cue deck will change only if audio is playing. Otherwise, it will continue showing the summed, post-fader output of the playing deck.

I hope this helps!