Master volume control can not turn up levels

Hi People Just bought a secondhand MC6000MKII having a few issues and would like to know if this is correct or not My setup is a Denon MC6000MKII into an iMac operating system big suf software Virtual DJ

When I went broadcasting I am suffering lack of signal strength(volume control) it seems that my master volume control on the top right-hand corner does not work on the Denon also on the channel gain’s I cannot turn them up any more as this will distort the music as well but on the Virtual DJ software it is set to maximum and I cannot seem to turn it up any more I would like more output power as the the music is going through but quiet and also should I turn the mic up it starts to distort if

This is a technical issue or is there something wrong with the Denon MC6000MKII

someone has got some time and has the same system and knows what they are doing to offer a bit of time to someone I am willing to give you my email address to pass on a telephone number to make things easier would much appreciate any assistance Thank You Mark

There’s nothing wrong with the master volume control. The VDJ setup guide for the 6000MK2 explains how it works.

Thank you for your response there is very little output on the volume master to get the mic to work you have to turn it up high causing causing it to distort it seems that the system settings are set to low requiring firmware update

I highly doubt it. It’s more likely you have your gain staging incorrectly set up, either with some wrong setting in VDJ or similar.

Easy way to test it: If you put a line level source (CD player, mp3 player or similar) through your controller line input and you can use gain knob to set the level of the signal to the first yellow LED on the VU meter - your controller is fine.

Hi thank you i will give that a try

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