Master outs simultaneous use

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Probably a silly question, but it has never been asked in this forum that I can see so here goes….

Is it possible to connect both the XLR and RCA master outputs at the same time in the following fashion :

XLR output to active monitors

RCA outputs to input on audio interface to capture for streaming.

Does the prime go supply an audio signal to both outs at the same time, or is one disabled when the other is connected? Any drawbacks to this connection setup…damage to the prime go unit?

Hopefully it’s an option as this would simplify my streaming setup given the USB port doesn’t provide audio output which is a shame as it works wonders on my x1800.

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Should work as you intend.

Watch the gains going to the soundcard.

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Thank you mufasa, that’s perfect.

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With DJ gear you can always use all connections at the same time, basically. The only exceptions are RCA inputs that can be toggled between Line and Phono, you want to be careful with those. Most big mixers have dedicated inputs for both types though.

For the optimal setup you could use the booth output because it’s volume level is independent from master. You can also enable your mic to be sent to the booth out in the settings.

Thank you for the reply, I got used to using the broadcast feature on the x1800 and as a change was going to try using the prime go for a live stream session instead not realising the audio interface in the unit wasn’t capable of the same broadcast function.

I have tried both, and you’re right, using the booth output offers more control over the solution.

Now I just need to recode the now playing software to capture data from the prime go and I’m all set for a session in OBS!

Thank you for your help on this, very much appreciated.

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