Master Channels 9/10 are not working

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been using my x1800 and SC-5000 setup to stream on my Windows PC for a while now, and suddenly, I’m unable to output audio to OBS. In looking at the settings, I currently have the Audio Input Capture to channels 9/10 (which were always the master channel) but I’m not getting any audio. I tried to troubleshoot by setting up OBS on my laptop and setting it to channels 9/10 as well, but still no luck. The only thing that I’ve done recently with the players was updating the firmware to the latest (across all devices).

Has anyone experienced this?

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Is any USB audio working, like just looking at the Windows sound panel and seeing any of the channel sending when the faders are up? Sometimes I have some kind of IRQ conflict or something that requires me to disconnect/reconnect the X1800 and then connect my camera second. If you have any USB audio, though, I’m at a loss.

So I have all 4 decks loaded with music and faders up, music is coming through a booth monitor and headphones.

But, I’m seeing no USB Line (1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10) outputting sound in the Windows sound panel.

Try restarting the computer and/or connecting your USB devices (especially recent ones) in a different order. This IRQ-style (I think) conflict has happened to me a few times when trying to stream live.

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Thank you very much!!

Restarted and shifted anything that was connected in via USB and it worked. Very appreciated for your help!

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