Maschine Mkro & Prime 4?

Anyone know if you can play audio over usb between these two? (note the ikro does not have a n audio interace built in - just usb to laptop etc)

If Prime 4 is showing up in the computer as a soundcard that You can use then yes. But I think this is not yet available.

I doubt the Prime 2 would show up, if he’s using a Prime 4 :smile:

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From my point of view if prime 2 is in the same philosophy with prime 4, which is, then yes, usb connection computer mode and the sound card output is prime 2.

@dj_chris Prime4 uses more of a hardware controlled mixer, like the X1800. Prime2 is leaning more towards software. Since both have USB, it could as well be that a Prime2 audio card will be shown on the computer side in the future.

Ok, so in computer mode does not support it?

On Prime2, computer audio is available, but you cannot assign it to a channel. I think it goes directly to the master output like the aux.

Don’t have a Prime4 here anymore, so cannot test, but I think it is still the same when using a computer connected to Prime4. No channel assignment.

I think OP wants to have USB audio from Maschine directly to Prime4. That is not possible.

Aaaah ok. Yes this is not possible. I did not understand correct.