Mapping for traktor!


Hi, does anybody know if its possible to use The mc7000 mapping file for The mcx8000? Which function Will not appear? Etc … thanks!


Here’s a mapping for the mc 8000:


Hi, woooow, Thanks a lot! i have been looking for that for a long time.
is it a official tsi mapping file?

best regard


don’t know if this the same mapping, but i knew about this one (never tried, i don’t use traktor)


The mapping of djtechtools is incomplete. Try my mapping.


Hello to all I saw that on the denon site in the section concerning the mcx7000 there is the mapping for traktor can you tell me if it works for the mcx 8000 thanks to everyone


unfortunately, no one of the mapping outthere works for me and neither does the officiellt mcx7000 mapping work. I use my mcx8000 with Serato DJ every weekend at the club and i love it, but i still miss traktor!


Hi, i can’t send you a private message on NI forum. Could you send me an up-to-date mapping on email? ledvxp@gmail com Thank you!


i send you a e´mail. Regads!!


Hi guys. My latest v11 mapping update works perfectly with the latest firmware version


Hy! Glad if you cand send me your latest version on Thanks alot!


Hi friends. I test Traktor 3 and MCX8000. Work fine!