Mapping Autoloops for Soundswitch using my laptop / Prime 4

Hi all,

I am pretty new to programming DMX and was thrilled to read & hear about using my prime 4 to programme lightshows.

I have come as far as beeing able to script a track in soundswitch and have the lightshow working when the track is played through the prime 4.

I am now trying to make some autoloops and just found out I need to MIDI map each individual bank. From reading some other discussions here on the platform I get the idea that it might not be able at all for me to MIDI map these autoloops using my prime 4, and if that is so, autoloops wont be useable?

I hope any of you can shine some light on this matter.

I have my laptop connected to the Prime 4 via ethernet cable. The lights are connected to my laptop using the Eurolite USB-DMX512-Pro Interface.

Thanx in advance! Rowin

Autoloops are used with tracks that don’t have a script. They start automatically, you do not need to press any key, but if you want to use an autoloop created by you you must obviously send a selection command. If you don’t have a MIDI keyboard to map with Sundswitch, then you can use your mouse connected to the PC and select the button associated with that specific autoloop. You just have to move the mouse over that button and press it.