Managing Files from usb

Hi, here’s a new function we need : copy and delete files from usb/sd cards into the internal prime 4 installed drive without computer.

Please… :wink:

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Hi Marco,

Please do a short search first, before starting an already opted request.

Like if you Like :stuck_out_tongue: Move Or Copy Music Between Multiple Media Sources

This feature also known as “pirate tracks from visiting DJs usb sticks onto the internal drive”

Just because a product has a useful feature, does not necessarily mean it will be used for nefarious purposes.

The clever thing would be for denon to add this feature but with some sort of password or passfile eg: the Prime 4 will let music get copied over from a loose usb stick or drive as long as there is an encrypted file on the drive which was put there by Engine Prime once.

Hi, Ok thanks.

But our « standalone » Prime4 should be able to add new tracks from usb to the internal drive without connecting Engine prime software.

Or accept ios units as music source

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