Manage Playlists Firmware 1.31

Great update love the new stuff. Question about playlists. I can create them and add songs to them - BUT how do I remove them from the SC500 and if I add a song to a playlist by accident, how do I remove it?


That is my question too with this Upgrade, how do you add songs to existing or new playlists on the sc5000??

Here you go

This shows you how to add songs, I still don’t know how to remove them but this should help you.


Hi @ericlouis, to remove a track simply enable EDIT MODE (the pencil icon with lines) then swipe to remove the track from that playlist.

I hope this helps.


Yes now I feel like “Duh why didn’t I get that?” lol. Thanks!

I tried to do the same thing to remove a playlist is that possible?

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Yes indeed, just swipe left in EDIT MDOE and it was delete the full playlist! :slight_smile:

awesome got it! thanks.

And is it possible to sync playlists created on the Disk from the SC5000 to the computer Engine Library? I didn’t see a way, but when I copied the 40 some songs in the SC5000 made playlist only 25 showed up in the playlist in Engine Prime, any ideas?

And while on the subject, why should I tap twice to open a playlist that has other playlists inside… Everytime I try to open my playlist folder I have to tap once to select it and tap once again to open it…The folder contents, if it contains only playlist, can be shown in the left panel…instead I get: NO TRACKS (or something like that)…No playlist shown until the second tap/click…annoying!

I cannot create a playlist on my players for some reason. Does anybody know why this is. It works on the computer in Engine, then when I go to the player with my hard drive it is not there.

There is still some weird behavior in the browser. I think we’ll have to make some videos and post them with Feature Requests to help them iron out some of this.

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