Manage 2 SSDs with Engine Prime

Good morning, I’m finding it difficult to handle 2 SSDs with different music with Engine Prime. Can two distinct and “separate” collections be created? How can I do? thank you

Hello Reis, Can you be a little more specific about what you’re trying to do and what’s getting in your way? ie: Are you trying to create 2 SSD drives with music or are you pulling music from them instead?

In practice I have 2 external ssd. On a SSD “Sandisk” I have 2 folders: 1 Latin Music and 2 with Music 70-80-90-00 In the other SSD “Transcend” I have 1 folder with the same 70-80-90-00 of Sandisk SSD. I made this choice because in the revival music evenings, I wanted to have a slender SSD and only music 70-80-90-00. With Engine, I tried to make 2 “collections” within the “collection” to try to handle them but it was more complicated than expected. Maybe I do not know how to use Engine Prime yet and I do not understand the logic with which it works. Also, if I make the UP LOAD of Serato folders, I create the structure, but I can not import all the music in it, so many of them. Do you have suggestions for their separate management?

thanks for the interest.

Are you starting with the collections on the drives? If you already have all the songs on the drives, all you need to do is the following: Connect the sandisk drive Open Engine Prime Drag the Latin music and 70-00 folders to the collection. They should show up as crates. Drag the crates to the sandisk drive collection. (The songs are already on the drive) Remove the Sandisk drive Repeat with the folders you want to take over from the with the Transcend drive. (If you have separate folders for each decade, drag these in).

That way you will end up with the drive configurations you want divided by crates that make sesnse. You could also create even another crate on the Transend and divide the music up by decades as well by dragging the decade folders into the crate to create sub crates.

Let me know if that helps.

ok thanks for the help, seems to have settled it all.