Make M's motor-off jog bend adjustable

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Make M’s motor-off jog bend adjustable

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Motor-off jog bend is too sensitive, though thankfully it is symmetrical

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Non-M and Prime 4 jog bends are now adjustable

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Noticed same. My first motorized jog wheel, so not quite sure what to expect. I use the pitch bend button.

Did You ever played on vinyl?? I use same techniques as on real turn tables and it works very good for me.

Yup, i have three turntables.

My SC5000m is more sensitive, than my technics or stanton.

This was only observed during testing conditions. I don’t normally mix with the motor off. I pitch bend by gently dragging the edge of the moving platter or by nudging it. I have the record quite loose on my M’s so at 7" it’s too touchy to drag or nudge directly on it, IMO.

This request was added here because the non-M jog bend is being addressed and InMusic asked that this be separated from the prior request.

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It’s kinda hard to keep pitch bending consistent using the platter. Is this what you’re talking about? The sensitivity kinda messes me up too so I use the pitch buttons also.

It’s good to know that it could be worked on.

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I just meant that it’s hard to drag or nudge when the motor is on using the record itself… at least with how I have the record downforce pressure and slip mat friction on my Ms… very low. I find it even more touchy than on the 5500 record. I find the M is pretty consistent and functional using the edge of the platter when the motor’s on, though… in contrast to the inconsistent 5500 platter edge when motor is on. The M’s platter edge detection of bending when motor is on is a huge improvement over the 5500. This feature request, however, is for when the motor is off. Motor off bend is not adjustable and is the old forward in both directions from the non-M. FWIW, the 5500 motor off jog bend is like the non-M jog bend (double the sensitivity in forward) but also had a dead zone. Yikes.