Make internal SSD Available on Network

Now that we have WiFi connectivity with V1.4.0, can we make the internal hard drive discoverable on the network, so that you can upload files directly to it, without a USB connection?

This would make it so much easier to do file processing, as connecting the USB and drag and drop over a wired connection is so 2010.


This. I’m hoping this becomes a core feature of the prime ecosystem. Engine prime could manage files on network drives that are housed inside devices. It would make file management so much easier!

And it feels like the future.

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Hi @garlick,

Cool suggestion, and welcome to the community!

Looking forward to see what others think of this idea.

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Thanks, and LOVING your guy’s releases lately. I’m thinking I need to pick up the Prime Go so I can work on mixing on planes! That little unit looks solid! Super innovative idea for the road warriors like me.

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