Made a playlist on USB Device

So I accidentally created several playlists and folders on the USB (using the prime software) instead of the local engine prime collection. Is there a way to copy the playlists/folders over to engine prime? Or will it only be saved on the device until I remake everything on the local HDD?

I think the NGINNN software pack will do this.

What’s that? Where and how can I get it.

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :rofl: :sweat_smile: ENJINN

Here: LINK

So there is no way to important a playlist from a USB device other than this? I will be getting a new computer soon. That would be a shame.

I think the next time I have to refer someone to a really useful program, adorned with a bonkersly stupid name that’s as much an anagram of an accident at a scrabble convention as it is a program name, I’ll just call it something else entirely.

Maybe we should have a vote/poll on a great name for something that works great alongside Engine Prime…, “Nox”? “Gearbox”? “Booster”? EMS (engine management system)?

Having a quirky name which may or not not be named after the ancient Greek pre-Latin, post brexit name for a magic bloke in a lamp doesn’t add bonus points for mystery kudos, it just means people can’t find it when they Google it lol

Sorry… my tablets have kicked in properly now … play rant over lol

Whatever the heck it’s called, it’s a great program

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Hahaha ok I guess maybe I got a bit to clever with the name. The original name was “Engine Genie” then I shortened it to ENJINN as jinn is a synonym for genie.

I’m 100% open to new name ideas. Please discuss here.

Glad you like the tool :slight_smile:

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What do smart playlists even do? Can’t I organize by genre already?

You can define custom rules like songs by a given set of artists within a certain bpm range or maybe you want a playlist with multiple genres? Or what if you want all of a genre but excluding certain artists or whatever.

You can also specify playlists where songs only need to match one of your rules instead of all.

Joining the discussion on the link needs a new sign in etc so I’ll just mention here, that I think it would be good for the revised name to be:

• A proper whole English/American word • Something in-keeping the Engine theme

For example: People who own a car and think their current car could either go faster or stay running longer between services, or could run more efficiently, or want some sort of performance boost, or want to generally get more out of their car and Engine might want to buy or use:

•Mechanic •Nitrous Oxide (Nox) •Booster •Oil change •Tune-up •Checkpoint •Ramp •Pit stop •Green light •Go! (Engine Go!) •Toolkit

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I like going with the vroom vroom motif.

I like Nitrous / Nox but it’s tricky to also make it SEO friendly and not have a bunch of car related results. Nox is an emissions term.

The other question is how to combine Engine or Prime with the rest of the name.

Engine X
X Prime
Engine prime X
Maybe something else?

Especially difficult being that prime is a verb so something like engine prime gearbox has another meaning.

Sticking with the smart/wizard vibe is also an option.

Update relevant to the original thread
External playlist import won’t be in the first GUI release. It will be in the following release.

@Nitebeatz I think I’m gonna go with EP Tuneup

Or “Tuneup for Engine Prime”.

Some get confused between Engine OS and Engine Prime. Giving them another “something beginning with Engine” could add to the confusion.

But I like “Tuneup” either way.

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Totally agree with this. Please label it something that people will not get confused. Call it a plug in or something

Yeah that’s why I specifically was thinking “EP” instead of “Engine Prime”. Another option could be “Tuneup PRIME”. It’s SEO friendly too.

Personally, I don’t think it flows well.

What’s y’all’s opinions on “Tuneup” vs “TuneUp” vs “Tune-up”?

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As someone who just recently got into this, I can say something in the title that indicates ur program is a supplement to Engine Prime would be really helpful. “TuneUp: an Engine Prime Plugin” or something.

Its subtitle already is “A library management tool for Denon Engine PRIME” so it still indicates clearly what it is. I might change “tool” to “toolkit” to make it a bit clearer.

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+1 for EP Tuneup

Alright so now it’s “EP Tuneup” or “Tuneup PRIME”. I’m leaning towards the latter.

Update: I’m going with Tuneup PRIME.

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