MacOS 10.15 Catalina Support for Denon DJ Products

Please read our official KB support article on Denon DJ product support for MacOS 10.15 Catalina Support.

This article will be kept up-to-date and can be safely used as reference for all things Catalina/Denon DJ.

Any updates on this ?

Currently eyeing one of the new 16” MacBook Pro. Everything else I use is Catalina friendly bar EP and the SC5000

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All updates will be posted on that very same KB article, @mufasa.

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Can I find that article somewhere else? The problem with your website has still not been solved. If I click on the Catalina support link in the article, I will immediately return to the French version of your main webpage… Thank you in advance.

Came across this on the Serato Page.

Is there any news when the new mac os will be supported on the Prime 4?

Hello @undefined thank you for reaching our to us! Please refer to our up-to-date KB article on macOS 10.15 Catalina Support for Denon DJ

This article is updated in real time when changes are made.

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Updated my MacOS to 10.15.2 Catalina

SC5000M works in controller mode (with Serato DJ)

X1800 works with Serato DJ as well.


Yeah, SC5000 have been working in controller mode with Serato and Catalina since I’ve tried it on my new MBP 16 in the beginning of december. I beleve that the soundcard built in is not compatible with Catalina but the X1800 are so no problems.

But unluckily I still have to wait for the MCX8000…

It says supported now for the 5000. Doesn’t say anything about sound cards though.

Isn’t the MCX8000 class compliant with MacOS?

HI All,

I have good news! The following devices are now supported on Catalina.

  • SC5000
  • SC5000M
  • PRIME 4

We are still working on the MCX8000 but the ball is currently in Apples court, so we are waiting. We’ll update here with any new info. Thank you for your patience.


Hi All,

We have just released a mac driver for the MCX8000 that adds official Catalina support.

Please note that the driver is signed by ‘Akai Professional’ (one of our sister brands). We decided to release this with the ‘Akai Professional’ signing as it would have taken months to receive official signing on a driver with ‘Denon DJ’ or ‘inMusic Brands’ and we wanted to get this out to our users sooner than later.

You can find the Mac Driver here: