Macbook Pro doesn't recognize Denon DJ SC6000M

Hi mates,

I bought 2 Denon DJ SC6000M and I updated the firmware and downloaded all the drivers for my Macbook Pro 2020 but it doesn’t recognise the Media Players.

I use Engine Prime and Traktor but still not working.

I don’t know what to check and what to do.

Anyone with the same problem?

Have you put the device in controller mode? Iirc you also need to have a map file for traktor, I don’t think it’s supported out-of-the-box.

For mapping You caan try if my SC5000 mapping works with it. The platter rotation is not supported yet.

Thanks for your answer Jonny,

The problem is that yesterday I put the device in PC mode and my macbook recognised it but not the Engine Prime.

It’s the first time that I connect one Denon to the Macbook and I don’t know exactly all the steps to set it up.

I’ve read the guide but still not working.

It’s frustrating :sweat_smile:

In computer mode Engine prime will only see the attached usb drives and SD card or a hard drive if You build it in your SC6000’s. Computer mode does not give any control in Engine Prime.

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How to put the device in controller mode? Sorry for this question but I am a noob in this topic hahah

Should be in the manual

Click source button, then on the display You will have on top right a small computer icon.

You already did it as I see from Your comments…

Perfect!! I will try it this afternoon and I will let you know.

And after that, should appear the Engine Prime screen on the device, right?

Should I set up anything on Engine Prime software?

Thanks for your replies mates.

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Mate, read again what NoiseRiser wrote: you cannot use the players to control Engine Prime or the players to use tracks from Engine Prime database on your laptop.

Engine Prime is not a DJ software, it’s only purpose is to prepare and export tracks to a external memory to be used on the players.

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Thank you for letting me know. As you can see, I am completely lost haha.

This afternoon I’ll try the mapping that NoiseRiser has told me.

I will let you know.

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