Mac internal card reader

Just updated to the newest Engine Prime version (1.1.1) on MacOS HIgh Sierra.

The program freezes when connecting SD cards for the players. Worked perfectly before updating from older version. Tried both on MacOS Sierra and High Sierra. The program seems to behave differently when using sd dock/builtin SD reader: one of the cards does not make engine crash when connected to the builtin sd reader, while the other only works while connected to an external SD reader. Using a 2012 macbook pro retina.

Anyone have the same problem/fix?

Different when using SD dock/built in sd reader?

Do you mean the behaviour that you’re reporting was on an external SD reader?

Maybe it’s the internal sd reader itself making problems ? I also own a mbp mid 2012 and the sd reader isn’t working half the time or won’t read a card inserted.

Both readers have worked and still work fine for anything else than engineprime. I would suspect that there has been some change to the way engine reads the sd cards or something with the update?