Mac Batch Edit Key Commands

Hey everyone; apologies (as always) if this is covered elsewhere, but I’m curious what the official key-command-combo is for bulk editing in the Mac Desktop version of Engine Prime? I know you generally click on the first track in a selection, then shift-click the last that you want to bulk edit, then command-click the last to edit the field in all of them, but this usually excludes the last track (the one I’m editing) and then I have to go back and change that one, again. Is there a trick/timing to get them all editing in one go?

Don’t cmd click the last track. Just go directly to edit the field you want.

Ah; of course. If I keep shift held down and sort of hover-short-click over the field it does change them all in one fell swoop. Thanks again!

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You’re welcome :blush:

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