M1 MacBook Pro

I’m planning to upgrade my MacBook Pro. Will engine prime work on the new M1 MacBook Pro or should I go for the latest intel model?

I had the same question in general area, where Denon wrote about newest mac osx.

Yes, I get that with new MacOS the software normally needs a little tweaking. The M1 is an entirely new processor compared with intel i5 processors present in the latest Intel MacBook Pro. Will it be some time before the necessary software adjustments are made for the new processor before I can use it?

Denon put out their upgrade waring on the new Mac OS. So no one can give you an answer on that right now. Apple is advertising a functionality that even non migrated apps will work - but who knows if that is the case here. The software might not be the biggest thing. Drivers definitely are. But this is just guessing. You will have to wait until compatibility checks being done by DenonDJ and/or updates being released.

You might want to hold off on that new Apple M1