Low recording-level sound card Inputs 5 & 6

Hi I want to record a set with VDJ8.2 (build 3848). The VDJ input volume seems to be very low. Channel volume is OK but record volume is barely visible (-16 dB).

I’m using Denon MCX8000 controller (and thereby it’s sound card, using Inputs ‘In 5 & 6’ for recording, as suggested by VDJ).

I looked at my sound card settings (Recording devices/MCX8000 Line 5-6/properties) and the input volume is set at 100%.

In the ASIO settings of the MCX8000 I don’t have the possibility to adjust input volume. I can only adjust the latency.

Is it possible the input volume of ‘In 5 & 6’ of the MCX8000 soundcard is volume (dB)-limited ? Any way to crank up that input volume to 0 or -1 dB ?

When I record with only laptop internal soundcard, the problem doesn’t occur. So it is not a sofware (VDJ) problem but it seems to be an MCX8000 sound card issue.

Thx ! Kristof

Have you tried changing the on-screen mixer controls shown as part of your laptops own settings. While the laptop is connected to the midi controller it should show the soundcard and give you internal settings like the recording and playback onscreen faders then see if you can adjust those onscreen sliders up

This is now corrected in the Beta firmware,

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When I record or broadcast using Virtual DJ, my recording volume is very low. This is the same case for Serato. If I use my Numark NS7, the recording levels are normal. I was told that there was problem with my MCX8000 so I returned it for a new one, but the new MCX8000 have the same problem. Have anyone else experience problems with the recording volume?

Yes… I’ve found that as well. I feel like I have to turn the L-M-H knobs to 2 o’clock or so just to get a signal that’s loud enough. Not quiet music, either.

Trying to see what exactly your problem is, i.e. what it is you are doing precisely.

Recording from within software, there should not be any reason the volume is low. If you gain your tracks correctly (- 0db average, less that 3dB or so peaks) you should not have any problems. I do advise using full fader setting per channel when recording. Where in a live environment you might want to have some headroom to play with for effect, but on tape that only sound bad.

When recording from the MCX8000, how are you recording? Analogue recording device on master out? Recording software using the return channels of the MCX8000 through USB?

You can record in something like Audacity (free) and choose line 5/6 (MCX8000) as input channels. That seems to give the master output (no influence of master volume setting!). 1/2 and 3/4 inputs most likely give you either channel 1 or channel 2 (didn’t check, but makes sense). There is also a multichannel input which I got no input on with channels 1 and 2 playing (from engine stick). So I am curious about that one.

It may LOOK like the levels in audacity are low (I recorded with my channel meters peaking at about the 3rd orange LED (one more before red), all EQ and filtering at zero and BOTH channel faders fully up. This gave a -6db level in recording, which works fine. Should you, after recording, want a hotter track, you can always use the amplify option in Audacity which automatically gains the track to have 0 dB max. peaks, keeping you out of clipping and at max volume.

If you use more “professional” software, like Cubase or Protools, you will most likely have some more input gain staging options so you can set input levels directly when recording. But I wouldn’t buy software like that for that reason only :-).

Final tip. Have a look at the Yamaha AG03/AG06 mixer. It is labeled as a webcasting mixer. Giving you all kinds of neat options to hook up your controller, a keyboard, other gear and one or 2 mics with FX. Better than that it functions like a high-end sound card for your laptop/PC and when you hook up your monitors/headphones you have great way of monitoring what your are recording/broadcasting. Of course you can record in your PC in various configurations. It comes with a light version of Cubase which is great for recording and doing some post-production work. Great value for money. I have an AG03 sitting on my desk next to me, MCX8000 hooked up, KRK Rokit 5s hooked up and couldn’t be happier with it.

Thanks for your help but I was using MCX8000 controller with Serato and Virtual DJ. All the settings are correct. Guitar Center also noticed this problem with Denon DJ MCX8000. When I used any other controller, the record level are fine. This is something that Denon need to fix. Because of this problem, I am no longer a MCX8000 user. I am now using Numark’s NS7 III and my recording levels are great!

Hi @EmecaRocks

This is not an issue we have really heard of - some more information from you may be beneficial to understand more , as @DJ_Vintage is also trying to assist you.

Were you aware however, that Virtual DJ is not an officially supported application for the MCX8000?


OP mentions Serato as well as VDJ. I too experience this, but with Serato and Engine. Sometimes I have to crank the channel gain up to 2-3 o’clock when the faders are already all the way up. I always just assumed it was a setting somewhere, but could never find where.

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There is a recording output problem that is easily duplicated. Just try recording your mixes using Serato or Virtual DJ and you will see that output is very low.

How are you recording ? using a hardware recorder connected to a physical output of the MCX8000, or recording digitally via the chosen DJ software? If its the latter option, which Operating System are you using? and how long have you had that operating system (roughly).

Did anything else change from when your recording levels were ok, to when the levels lowered ?

If the signal to noise ratio is the same it should be no problem, but you’ll need edit the recording afterwards to get levels higher.

I do not own a MCX8000 so cannot really elaborate on this.

The recording is done via software. I am using the current Windows and Mac OS. The recording levels only changed when I used a different controller. No software settings were made. This happens on both Serato DJ and Virtual DJ. The problem also appeared on Guitar Center’s MAC when using the MCX8000.

Hi EmacaRocks. Thanks for providing the information to my questions from January 10th. I can now pass this information onto the team involved with the MCX8000 development. Are you noticing ANY difference in recording levels when changing from Serato to Virtual DJ ?

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