Lost cover pictures

Denon displays the music covers on the screen and on the platters, but some of them have no image. Is there a possibility to supplement this MP3 without a picture with its own jpg or so later? Or am I saying something really crazy?

You can have your own album art on all the time but as you say, ideally when there is no official art.

There is a thread somewhere on the forum that exists for the centre jog wheels. Drop a like in it as it will lend a bit more weight to it. I’ve given it my support too.

I was advised that with the help of the Stamp ID3 Tag Editor program you can import all kinds of formats with images into the file of the mp3 and save with it. The first attempts have been successful. Retrieve the image via google images and then read it into the Stamp ID3 Tag Editor program with the program’s browser and save after adding it with the STAMP button. Then the cover was definitely added to the MP3. Ik meld het voor de DJ’s die hier ook van kunnen leren.

If you want to add album art it for free, Mp3tag is a great too and it was the only thing I used for years. I’m not sure if they allow different formats though.

It’s free for Windows but the beta for Mac will not be freeware upon release (while in beta it is free).

Win: https://www.mp3tag.de/en/index.html Mac: https://mp3tag.app/get/

Sorry, the last one was in the wrong language. Here is the translation into English.

I will report it to the DJs who can also learn from this.

Fantastic. It certainly looked Dutch! :slight_smile:

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