Lost all my cue points when migrating to Apple Music Library

Hey guys,

Got a new MacBook so I transferred all my music and engine library backup to the new system. But when I restore the backup in Engine DJ all the files are red and can’t be played. I can see the cue points in the preview but that’s it.

If I update the Apple Music Library then all my files are back and not red anymore, but the smart playlists file structure is gone and worst of all…all the cue points are gone. Is there any way to have my cue points back again?

This is exactly why they need to implement a relink feature in the app, it’s absolutely ludicrous that there isn’t one.


Beside that a relocate would be handy, are you abolutely sure that your tracks were copied to the exact same path as they were on your previous computer? For example: Is your username the same? Also check the relative path to Engine Library, because sometimes Engine Library will import relative paths, sometimes abolute paths…

There isnt an official relocate feature, but you can, once you know where the difference in your main path lies go into m.db and update the paths. Ideally you do this with a search and replace, which goes rather quick and flawless, but first youll have to know what is wrong/different with your file locations. So lets focus on that, and Ill try to walk you through :wink:

PS: if you reimport your “new” Apple Music library, Engine sees this as new tracks, which explains why all your cues etc are lost. Its best to focus on Engine, to just get your paths updated…

Compare for one song which is red the file path compared to the same song from Apple Music. If you find a difference you should be able to fix the problem.

Maybe its only the name of your volume (partition) which is causing the issue.