Loss of audio for second

Have new Dell G3, running newest version of VDJ and Windows 10, have downloaded all proper MC6000 and MC7000 drivers. Every once and awhile (approx. 12-19 mins) the controllers freezes for a second and I lose audio. Then it picks it up again - like a second or two of loss audio. Is this a power setting on the Dell? I have changed everything I can think off (set VDJ to high priority, changed USB sleep settings, changed power settings on Dell laptop). Any help you can provide??

I am also having issues with sound dropping and Serato freezing. I have updated firmware and still can’t get the issue resolved. I have been dealing with Marcus from Serato for about a year now. He went as far as getting into my computer system and couldn’t figure it out. It seems as soon as did the update of the firmware, is when all my problems started. Serato shows the red dot on the top right hand corner and that’s when it starts acting up. Has crashed many times. Can I please get some help. Thanks

This issue is Serato related, not Denon. Serato forums are full of Sound related issues on Windows 10. Its possibly the most posted subject on their forums.

I have my laptop on a Dual boot into Windows7 which i use for DJ use only and nothing else. Been perfect for 3yrs with the MC7000. Not 1 issue, and running the latest Serato 2.3.5.