Loop turn the knob, nothing happens

Hello I sometimes have a little bug when the loops are activated, when I’m in 4 beats and I turn the knob, nothing happens that is up or down.

it’s a little unclear I apologize, I go through a translator.

Can you film it? A video would be explaining a lot what is happening.

the bug is not done regularly as soon as it happens I’ll do a little video

when the loop is active during playback it happens to me that if I turn the wheel loop I can not do loop 2 times and lower or 8 times and higher

Hi @Schmoutss,

We are unable to reproduce this behavior in our environment. Please be sure you have updated you players to the latest version.


[Moving this to the general area as this is not reproducible]

hello Will It does not happen often, very rarely even. The latest updates were done well in 1.3.1 This is not catastrophic, but good to know if another colleague would have the same concern

Try to wobble the knob a bit and turn it, or wobble while turning. Maybe the encoder has some issues?

It sometimes happens to me too. In my case I can NOT go up more than the 4 beat measure… The only way I can work it around is to use the SHIFT+ARROW combination to change the loop length…When I do it the loop knob starts to work again…Very strange ehh? By the way, I’m using the last firmware 1.3.1 or whatever it is the version…

EDIT: I’m sorry it is NOT SHIFT+ARROW but just ARROW. The former moves loop around the later change the loop width… Sorry again!