Loop Release after Hotcue disable?

Hi guys, is there a chance to disable the release of a loop if I press a hotcue button? On my MCX8000 (Serato connected) I can set an Auto Loop and can push the hot cues and the loop is still enabled. The Prime 4 releases the loop after pressing any hotcue pad. Is there a setting or something to chance that? Thanks in advance :nerd_face:

Can you set a hot cue up to just (1ms) before the loop start ?

Thx DJ_Sontag for your tip, but it also didn’t work at all. But I think I found the solution by myself, if you set the loop when „quantize“ is enabled it plays till you push a hotcue. If you set the loop with „quantize“ disabled and push hotcue it holds the loop. It seems the loop is in conflict with the quantized beat I think. :nerd_face::headphones: