Loop Jumping & BPM issues

Am I missing something here? In Standalone, if I have a track playing and start a loop 4 bars, 8 bars etc, I have no problems advancing the loop forward. But, I think ive tries everything and cannot get the loop to skip backwards. Am I doing something wrong, or is that just how it is?

2nd Question. BPM. Engine seems to likes to double up the BPM on a lot of my tracks. ie 80 = 160. Is there an easy way to edit this issue. Add, can it be done when playing tracks on the MCX8000?

Thanks in advance

Hi DjKcx, which version of Engine are you using to prepare your tunes for standalone mode?

Hi The one off the Denon DJ site, which it says to DL under the MCX8000 registration.



Ok, thanks for confirming that.

Engine 1.5 is being replaced with the much more powerful Engine Prime. Even though the MCX8000 isnt a Prime unit, there is new firmware for the MCX (Currently in Public Beta Stages), which will allow the MCX to read Engine Prime Databases, as well as adding many new features to the MCX itself.

Users can still join the Public Beta Testing for the next few days, and participate in the remainder of the testing, which, when complete, will result in Firmware 2.0 being released for the MCX8000.

Why not download Engine Prime now to get acquainted with it.

http://denondj.com/engineprime <<

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Nice Idea, Thank you.

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