Loop jump/skip

So of any computer software im an avid Traktor user. That was a selling point for me getting a prime 4, because they share a lot of the same ideas in voew and function. So for me using the prime 4 had a very intuitive feel for me. One feature I particularly liked but so far maybe im missing or or its genuinely not available on the prime 4 is is the ability to, while playing, take your loop (lets say a 4 count) and move the entire thing forward or backwards to the previous 4 beats or the next 4 beats. So far ive only been able to extend the size of the loop, not jump the whole thing. Am i missing something or is this option not avaialble?


Dope. Thats it :grin: thanx very much!

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Or you can also press SHIFT and turn the knob you normally use to set and modify the loop: if you look at the silkscreen under the knob there is also written MOVE with a white background which means “press SHIFT to do this function”

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