Loop In and Loop Out Adjustment Do Not Respond to the Moving Platter


When the manual loop is activated, I always have a problem adjusting either “Loop In” or “Loop Out” on the fly. The Loop In or Loop Out can no be moved even though I turn the platter back and forth. Does anyone experience this issue?

How do you adjust the loop in and loop out on the fly then?



Does IN or OUT flash after pressing it once, when the loop is active?

Thanks Reese.

Yes. I think I did it correctly.

i.e. during the loop playabck, when I wanted to edit the “Loop In”, I press that button once then it flashed but the loop in point did not move when I rotated the platter.

Does this happen on the second layer only? Which 5000 do you have. M or non-M?

Hi @Reese

I have filmed the video while I am playing. Please have a look.

I wonder whether I did it correctly?



I think this issue was reported specifically happening on the M’s indeed.

Could you try without MOTOR mode active or without playing the LOOP?

This has happened on my regular 5000’s as well.

Yes! the motor must be off in order to adjust the loop in or loop out on the fly.

Thank you :clap::+1::blush:

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