Loop functionality altered in 1.4

first, 1.4 is quite an update, thank you.

a new feature was added to the loop control in 1.4. (* added ability to manually adjust loop in and out points via platter control.) this is useful but i don’t see why it needed to replace existing functionality.

in the new scheme, once a loop is active the in/out buttons simply toggle the adjust mode with the platter. the way it was before, in and out were hot and set the points wherever clicked. so you could do loop play, like a stutter where you’re rapidly entering/tightening/exiting loops for effect. (hard to keep sync on a beat but useful for syncopating a pad or vocal or such.)

i’ve been playing with that technique for a long time on various setups - the one on the prime series was perfect. the buttons and layout have a great feel where you can just rock back and forth on your wrist to get a feel into the loop. after the update, you can’t set in/out while looping and you have to hit autoloop to exit. it’s no longer a performance feature.

i realize there are lots of us (also me) who wanted to be able to slide the in/out points for a more precise loop or for loop buildup fx or whatever. but i don’t see why we couldn’t have both. the previous functionality was good and we should do something else to toggle the adjust mode. could be shift+in/out to toggle or hold in/out to adjust. i think there are several ways it could be done without disrupting existing features.


I agree, shift+in/out would be a much better option. It allows to keep the previous functionality & avoid accidental loop point editing

I assume that’s a glitch. It should set new points on tapping in and out even when in the loop, but require a brief hold of in or out to trip it into move mode by jog where the in or out starts blinking. I recommend you submit a bug report. If they tell you it’s intentional, they’ll move it to features.

Nevermind… created a feature request for you…


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It annoys me too. Exit the loop should be as before, the improvement of the loop should be with the help of the shift button or, e.g. holding the button for 1 second

How was loop exit before? Can you just live with pushing the encoder to exit, while tapping in and out sets new points for those even if the loop is running, and hold for a second kicks it into manual in/out jog adjust?

In the earlier software it was. I have made loops eg 4. When he wants to leave it I pressed the button out. Now you need to press autoloop. The adjustment of the loop yoga should activate by holding for a second the input button if you want to improve the beginning of the loop or output if we want to improve the tip of the loop

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All other DJ media players, though, have a Loop/Exit button. The standard is three buttons. We have two buttons and an encoder that can be pushed in. Makes more sense to me to use the autoloop encoder push as exit and activate. If Out doesn’t reset a new point but erases that point briefly, I’m thinking that’s going to be overly complicated and prevent other functionality possible. If you want to set a new Out point, for instance, after the current Out point, then pushing in the encoder and then pushing Out again makes more sense. This would also allow you to just push Out while the loop is running to set a new Out point closer to the In point without having to rely on halving by rotating the encoder to the left.