loooking for earlier firmware file

Yes why would i want that - it’s because (i think it was v1120 or similar) I was running on one deck and it let me use my digital out for sending timecode to serato and left my rca’s purely to switch over to USB stick mode and no need to have the pc fireed up - for quick use or if serato crashed etc.

I cannot find any legacy firmware files for the sc3900 so am hoping someone has one lying around on their pc. I think they clipped the loudness of the timecode sound in the latest firmware and it’s not enough output if your using the digital out basically.

cheers. Sean

Sean, for the earlier firmware you would be better contacting Denon support directly via email.

But, have you tried to correct the lower digital output problem with some workaround? For example, I can think of several things to do. First of, setting the USB ch level in you mixer settings. You didn’t specify what mixer are you using but I know that all of Denon’s mixer product line has that option (X1600,X1700, X1800).

I assumed you are using a mixer with internal interface because external Serato (SSL and SDJ) interfaces don’t have digital ins.

Hi, yes will contact support. I’m on an oder non digital DNX1100 so no usb levels, love it’s sound though…I’m using scratch live with sl2, i like a quick start with usb sticks in the 3900’s

Then this doesn’t make sense. How are you sending timecode signal into SL2 when it doesn’t have digital in’s?

yes i missed out i’m using a powered coaxial to rca addapter to get into analogue for the sl2 input.

thanks Slay, support looked after me with an earlier firmware file, basically i’ve got 2 different sources out of my sc3900’s and don’t have to depend on the laptop by just switching out to usb and off i go with the stick when i want. Bit of a faff with the digital/phono adaptors but that was it really. Well pleased :slight_smile: