Looking for Prime 4 firmware version 1.5.2 for PC - Computer install version for fellow user

Good morning all. I have searched the forum a bit and did not find what I was looking for. A fellow Prime 4 user (no, it really isn’t me) is having some rather serious challenges…more on that later if what we are working on does not work. What I am I am in need of at the moment is Prime4 firmware version 1.5.2 FOR PC - Computer Installation Version. I am hoping a fellow Forun-er can provide. Thanks in advance everyone and happy playing! Be well, EA

Is there any particular reason why you or the “fellow user” did not keep any previously downloaded firmware?

The earlier firmware downloads have been temporarily removed from the Denon DJ web site because of an issue with downgrading.

What firmware is the mystery person currently running? It may not be safe for them to downgrade from the currently installed version to 1.5.2 due to the above situation.

I did not ask Shane why he did not keep a earlier copy of the firmware. Didn’t want to go all “Captain Hindsight” on him. He is at 1.6.1 and tried to downgrade to 1.6.0 and still is having a challenge. I have screen shotted a pict he posted and will attach here.

Yes, this is still my issue