Looking for official answers regarding SC6000 supporting HID mode with Serato DJ Pro

Hello - I’m currently using SC5000 decks with Serato DJ Pro in HID mode and am interested in switching to SC6000 decks, but I keep getting conflicting info as to whether or not the SC6000 currently supports Serato DJ Pro, or if this support has been promised by Denon in future. If this support doesn’t currently exist and is promised in future, is there an expected date for this? Thanks in advance for any real info, preferably from Denon officials.

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The SC6000 does not have HID support for Serato.

At release (a year ago) it was announced to come “at a later date”. As the SC6000 is currently hard to come by anyway, I’d keep the 5000s and wait until a Serato update will enable HID.

The official answer, if one emerges, will probably have the word “soon” in it.


Correction: Whether or not Serato currently supports the SC6000

It’s the software that needs to support the hardware - not the other way around. You’re asking in the wrong place.

Apart from the Go, the entire Denon Prime range has been open and available to DJ software companies. Atomix added full native Prime support some time ago now.

Serato does not support units without hardware manufacturers invitation. They will also be getting a cheque to support the SC6000M. That Serato tax :sunglasses:

I’ve been using Serato for 10/11 years and it’s usually a collaboration between manufacturers and serato.

InMusic and serato have a long relationship.

So its appropriate to ask here.


And that sometimes goes so deep that Serato determines some of the hardware features


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