Long time forum snooper, first time poster from Texas

Hi, my name is Roberto. I’ve been browsing these forums for many moons prior to purchasing my SC5000s. Currently still using my CDJs at events as I transition all my tracks to EP and purchase cases before taking my new players live!

Still saving to get the X1800, but also still loving my Rane Empath.

Also since I’ve never updated any firmware of the SC5000s, I’m excited to jump straight to the Spring Update. I’m assuming that’s possible, or do I have to update in increments that came prior?

Hi Roberto, welcome!

About the firmware. It depends a little on what level they are now. But your always good to go with updating via a computer and the blue USB3 cable that came with the unit.

Later firmwares support updating via USB flash drive or SD card.


Thanks for the welcome Reese!

I’ve been playing with one on and off when I’ve had time to practice, while the other has remained unopened! Never updated the firmware of the opened one which has the original shipping firmware version. But, I plan on updating both to the current Spring firmware in a day or two finally!

Hi @Roberto and welcome to the #PrimeTribe!

Please keep me posted on how the Spring update goes and let us know if there’s anything we can do to help.

Regards J

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Thanks Jay!

Looking forward to contributing my experiences to the community once I’m all setup. Part of the reason of my investment into Denon Prime (currently transitioning from Pioneer) is because of this forum, and especially the uptick in Denon’s responses to its members’ needs and requests.

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