Long/Delayed/Lagging Track Load times in Prime

Anyone else experiencing any lagging in Engine Prime software when loading tracks from USB drive? I’m using PNY USB3.0 128G thumb drive, have attached Macbook specs in image. Video screen recording does not show the “Apple pinwheel of death” but that’s what I get when I try to load a new track (11sec - 40sec in video until next track loads).

This is not conducive to a quick workflow!

Is this an issue with the software, or is it possible it’s time to update my laptop?

Link to video screen recording: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cwedtcph0lkufx8/EnginePrimeLag.mov?dl=0

Hey @thepuzzo, thank you for sharing this detailed info. I’ve not seen this before so please let me consult the team and will get back to you.



Just out of curiosity, do you have the same issue with tracks that don’t have symbols or special characters in them?

here is what I am running problem free:

Hi @thepuzzo, I’ve had some feedback from the tech team:

It looks like he’s running the analysis in the background (some of his tracks don’t yet have the grid icon) and the progress bar at the bottom right is running). This may be slowing down the load time especially if the drive can’t handle multiple reads/writes simultaneously well. This should speed up when analysis is finished.

If it still is an issue there are some simple problem solving steps that could be done to isolate the issue.

  • Try loading the same track(s) on a different external drive
  • If that can’t be done, try loading the same tracks from the internal drive.

If both of these don’t have the issue, it would suggest that the fault is with the drive