Logo and Jog Color change while using SeratoDJ

Hi is there a way to change my logo and Jog color while using the SC5000 with Serato DJ, for some reason I can’t get it to change while using Serato DJ. It defaults to the album art work. Thanks!

When is Serato Controller Mode, the central platter display is under the control of Serato. For this reason, you would need to ask Serato whether they would change the logo for you.

Obviously, when using the SC5000 as a high performance stand-alone device, you can save your logo as a 600x600 pixel PNG file called LOGO.PNG and that logo would appear in the central platter display.

The same goes for the Jog color. When the SC5000 is in controller mode, it takes it’s cues from Serato and has no influence over the LED colors.