"Load user profile?" Why?

Hi everybody. My SC5000 keep asking me if I want to load the user profile found on the USB stick… I have already loaded it a hundred of times and it keeps telling me this… Almost boring! The USB memory is ALWAYS connected to the SC5000 number 1 and it was never used with Prime Engine in the last months… What should I do? Delete the user preference file from the USB? Thanks evrybody.


Is the file perhaps read-only or is the drive formatted as NTFS?

Hi @amarillis, thank you for posting. Are you having this issue another flash drive? Is this happening after plugging your drive into every port?

We recommend loading a second drive with music and plugging that into your SC5000 to see if the issue still persists. Please let us know how your trouble shooting goes.

I get the same thing happening. When you have a user profile on a usb or hard drive connected to an SC5000 every time it boots up you are asked if you want to load the user profile. It’s kind of annoying when the deck should already have those preferences set from the previous time I loaded the profile. It would be preferable that only if the profile on the deck differed from the profile on the drive that it should ask you if you wanted to load it. Make sense?

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So, my two USB are both Sandisk Extreme USB 3 and I never had any problem since now… Both are formatted FAT32. I followed the suggestions by Nekoro and still have the issue. No matter which USB stick and USB port I use. Thanks for the replay.

Its just how it rolls… always asks, its annoying…perhaps add a feature request

To tell the true this is happening only in the last month and has nothing to do with the firmware upgrade… Moreover, this is NOT a feature to be requested…This is the SYSTEM and how it works…maybe a bug somewhere since I’ve never experimented it before the above mentioned period… Let’s see what they come up with…

I assumed you meant it still asks to load a profile when already loaded. That would be weird (or the usb connection is faulty).

It should only ask when the SC is booted or when you connect a usb drive.

Every time I power the system on, it asks to load the profile, even though I never take the stick out

The request is ONLY at the boot time, of course…I answer NO to the question and I can start playing my music…The next time I’ll turn the SC on the same question will be asked again… So it is just a matter of answering the question at the boot/reboot of the player… Anyway even answering YES will prompt me for the same question the next reboot…

Ehm I cannot remember this to be working any other way. It is supposed to ask you to load your profile. Certainly with more than one drive or network connected.

Well, it should be asked only if the profile is changed via Engine Prime and if I keep asking NO everytime it is asked…But, if nothing of the above happened WHY it is continuosly asked? It seems that it does not rember/record that the profile has already been loaded…and anyway if I change my profile using the SC5000 this must be recorded on the USB file and flagged as an already modified and loaded profile…This is how software should work, at least from a developer point view…

I really don’t understand this “big” problem. You state continuously, but in fact it only asks you one time or not?!

The default profile of the player is loaded after every boot. It asks you one time because the player sees a profile other than default. If you select NO is stays default. If you select YES it loads your settings recorded on the drive.

You mention “from a developer’s perspective”, well if something happens (corruption) to your profile on the usb drive, it would be nice to have a device default instead of your own…wouldn’t it?

Yes I agree, the problem is that it is asking me to load the profile each time the SC is turned on no matter if the last time I answered YES or NO…This should not happen, at least in my opinion.

If the SC boots it will always display a list of sources. When you select a source it asks you to load the profile on that source. Like I said, I cannot remember it being otherwise. I’ve got mine for more than 2 years now.

Do you mean you don’t have to select a source before this message appears? Then please make a short video if you can.

Yes, of course I have to select my only source…the USB stick…I have mine for three months now and this last month they start to behave like this…weird… There must be something I’m missing if you say that this thing is correct…Anyway, not a big deal only boring as I said before.

On my SC5000’s, it has always asked me if I wanted to load the user profile.

Maybe I’m too old to remember but I’m almost sure this has happened only in the last month… It would be interesting to know what Denon says about it since Nekoro told me to do some tests…That is why I think this is not the correct behaviour…

I’ve asked a “head honcho firmware dude” to shed some light over this. :innocent:

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As far as I know, as long as you have a user profile on your storage device, it will always ask if you want to load it. Maybe you were using a storage device without a user profile?