LN1/PC switch

Does anyone have this issue? The LN1/PC switch is not working. Channel 1 is stuck at LN1. Switching to PC does not send MIDI signals for gain, hi, mid, low, and volume. If switch is at LN1, Channel 1 gain, hi, mid, low, and volume knobs/slider all works. Switching to PC, the analog source will not cut and still is heard.Cross DJ/Tracktor does NOT receive any Channel 1 gain, hi, mid, low, and volume MIDI signals. The MIDI signals all work for Channel 2-4.


Very common issue with the Mk2, they are famous for the selecter switches failing.

You just need to get a local repair shop to replace the switch, but it’ll be expensive due to the amount of dismantling involved.

thanks for the reply.

No problem, glad to help.