Live stream with rode sc4

hello! I wanted to know how to use the rode sc4 for live-streams! I don’t know were I have to plug it, if I have to change options on Serato… Can someone help me ? I am a beginner :slight_smile:


What controller?

The Rode is to plug to your phone :iphone:

it’s the mcx8000 but I don’t know how to plug it in the controller

  • Get a XLR to trs cable (XLR goes to the Booth or Master out)


  • RCA to Trs cable (RCA Master out to Trs)

for both instances the Trs end goes to the Rode Trs Jack (the female end)

The Rode Trrs end goes to the phones headphone jack.

Worthy of note the Rode SC4 is at mic level for your phone, so you either have to stick an attenuator in that connection or really really baby your levels

Good luck

I fixed the problem thank you so much !

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