Live Stream Setup Query

Evening everyone, newbie to posting so apologies if this has been covered before.

Basically in this new world of lockdown I’m setting up a live stream and I’m thinking I’ve found a way to get the audio from Virtual DJ using my Denon MC4000 controller into OBS (streaming programme) without actually needing to buy a new sound card to have my Denon audio output going back into my PC in stereo. I did this using a Driver/Programme called Voice Meeter (essentially a mixer) along with VB Audio cable (which is effectively a digital audio cable) my issue is that the audio is going straight from virtual DJ to the voice meeter mixer and then out into OBS for streaming but as this appears to be bypassing the sound card within my Denon DJ controller will this decrease the quality of audio ?

I’m pretty sure that when it comes to streaming it won’t make a difference whether it comes from my controller or direct from virtual DJ as long as it’s a clean signal but being a stickler for sound quality I was curious if anyone knew as I love the sound quality output from my controller ? Example of setup below to help with description.

Normal audio setup with PA:

Virtual DJ => Denon MC 4000 => Amp, Speakers etc.

Virtual Streaming setup:

Virtual DJ => Voice Meeter (virtual mixer) =>OBS streaming programme => Live Stream

Cheers Benj