List selector remain where you last selected song

Since 2.0 update , I have noticed when scrolling, after loading a song to deck the scroller automatically goes to the top of the playlist, i find it much more helpful for it to remain where i have selected the song from in the list to save scrolling from the top every time, its alot of excess scrolling after going down the list to load and then have to start from the top again.

Prime 4

Faster finding songs within a playlist , less ware on screen and scroller

All dj software the scroller remains where it last was. But not on the prime 4 atm.

No, its just a bit of a pain when djing atm , it was rite before the 2.0 update but now it always goes to the top of the list after loading a song from the list.

Already mentioned on another thread

As Nitebeatz mentioned.

For instance, some here:

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a bit here:

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I has been discussed more than once in several topics, so I’m closing this one.

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