link sc5000/m and mcx 8000

Hi, I wanted to buy the new 5000m and I was wondering if it would be possibile link the mcx which I already have with a net cable thru linq to the sc5000 for track sharing or I would need to use 2 usb sticks?
thanks for your time, and have a nice day!

You can use the MCX8000 as a mixer for the 5000M’s. Do you mean as the 5000M as an additional deck?

Thanks for answering. The intention was to use in standalone mode decks 1&2 from the mcx and 3&4 would be sc5000m+turntable with real records (so no dvs needed) or 2x sc5km. Now the only question that I have in mind was if it was possible to use just one usb drive for the entire setup or if I need an usb stick for each (sc players and mcx).

You would have to have separate sticks for both. They are not cross compatible. Having said that, the easy way to do this would be to set up a drive with the MCX8000 export and then make a duplicate of it. That way you will have the same songs and cues for both the MCX8000 and SC5000M on both.

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