Link port on the Akai MPC Force

Will we be able to use the Link Port on the Akai MPC Force to link with the SC5000’s via the hub on the X1800 (MTC or Midi Start/Stop/BPM data)?


This man ask the real question

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You can indeed link to the Force :slight_smile:


May The Force be with us all! I am so excited for this!

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This is amazing, so glad you guys are adding this support – the Akai force along with Denon Prime are going to change the way DJs do what they do, so excited to get my Force in February. I haven’t owned a Denon product in a short minute, but I might just have to come back over since you are the only DJ mfr that can see the future (basically you are showing the world that Pioneer is a dinosaur, unless they have something up their sleeve for NAMM)!

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More info on the Akai Website:

Just to confirm, to connect the Force to the SC5000 & X1800 you need to use Serato, not in stand alone mode.

Why do we need serato ? we just use the link for BPM and not Serato :no_mouth:

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In this picture on the Force website I don’t see a computer in the setup, just SC5000 and X1800: image

So maybe there is still hope?

EDIT: As I understand, using Serato you can link any MIDI compatible gear or Software - that wouldn’t really be a feature specific to the Force :thinking:

Per Akai’s last video with Just Blaze, they are connected via the link port in standalone mode.

Otherwise, using the midi out and sending mtc from the 1800 to the force would be a better solution than using Serato.

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@Bobbyduracel I believe this is the answer for your post in several other threads.

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Actually I have some faith that the Prime series and Force will link up. If not now, then eventually. InMusic / Denon have gone to great length to establish their own link protocols. It would be silly to equip the Force with the necessary Hardware, but not Software.

In any case we could always open up a thread and “demand satisfaction” :wink:

Also I wonder if the Force will be the Sampler to use with a Prime setup :thinking: Any thoughts on that?

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Looking forward to seeing the Just Blaze video – but I think he is using Serato as you have indicated here. But I don’t see why you might not be able to use the midi out – as indicated, from the 1800 to the force. I would REALLY love to be disconnected from a computer and be able to use the denon set-up as a stand alone and the force as a stand alone, that would be killer. People are tired of looking at computers, lol, and this takes one extra thing out of the “mix” which would be awesome…

Indeed. I’ve pre-ordered the Force and I’m lurking around for another Prime rig as we speak :wink:

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If you’re yet to view it, please find below the video of Just Blaze DJing in New York on the Prime Series with the Akai Force


Ahh thx for posting Chloe! Will check this out asap!

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Yup! Killer video and awesome seeing everything running together!! Definitely inspiring! Thanks again!

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You’re very welcome. Glad you enjoyed!

Arrives FEB 5th!!! I saw the video recently, but didn’t get past the first bits. I assumed it just blazed over the details of syncing bc it showed him dialing in BPM. Later he says that it syncs and locks. Very cool.

Now I hope it works both ways, over Ableton Link OR with the LINK ethernet port. How lovely, to match the Denon and the Akai with the cable. Locked and loaded. Thanks for the share!

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