Link for the Tidal

Just got the prime go today , the code for tidal does not work. Has anyone experience this, I actually have a free membership from sprint but can’t figure out how to input.

Just back to Denon after 10 years on Pioneers, had almost every DN before that, I am old.


I think the code only works when creating a new account on Tidal.


Thanks for your help! How do you enter enter your existing account information to start streaming.

I cant bypass the free membership screen on the go unit that offers the voucher, the code is from the Prime Go


I’m confused. Do you have a voucher that you can only use with a new Tidal account or do you want to link a unit to your existing Tidal account?

You can get the voucher after registering at and adding your Prime GO to your account.

The code the Prime GO generates on screen is to link the Prime GO to Tidal.

Thanks! So much fun! Can’t wait to play at a gig with it!

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