Link Engine Prime to the SC5000's?

I am going to assume the answer is no since there is no talk about this but can you link your laptop directly yo a 5000 to load tracks from your laptop onto the decks?

If not, is that in the near future being this is one of a few things holding me back from buying


You’re correct in saying that no-ones mentioned this notion of working so far. Perhaps one reason for it not being discussed that if a laptop was put in-between two Denon DJ SC5000 Primes, that would effectively be 3 computers.

It’s also worth considering that there’s a 5th Network port on the back of the X1800 mixer, and a mention in the manual of “Use standard networking cables to connect these ports to your SC5000 Prime units and/or to your computer.”

With such a powerful deck, and such an empowered mixer, I wouldn’t rule anything out at this stage.


my curiosity is based mainly on search for tracks, for mobile having a bigger screen is easier obviously and (maybe you can test this Boothe?) is the search results the same as engine where you can do multiple key words to brin up results like you could on the 3700, type in found [ENTER] Rihanna [ENTER] and get the results narrowed down a lot faster in a pinch

Beyoncé will dump you for that… :head_bandage:

Plus, I wonder whether ,by the time you’ve entirely finished adding search options wishlist items for the SC5000, an SC5001, 5002, 5003…5099, 6500, 7982, and SC999999 will have come out.

All that I would say, is there’s no reason why extra search options couldn’t be considered, if there was a really widespread number of users coming up with real world situations where the current fast and varied searches, especially with filtering options utilised, needed supplementing.

LOL, beyonce called this morning, she was â– â– â– â– â– â– 

You can search like this now in engine just curious if the same is on the decks being i use it a lot


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