Line fader and rotary level

ok so my goal is to have both meters at same db. Ill push to get both at 0db tonight and figure it out. This is at -10 master out in utilities, no cross fader, and line fader up all the way ?

i had line trim at 1/2 . is that the issue maybe?

The 0dBVu meter spot was just to demonstrate that they are in fact the same levels… not your goal peak target. Peak target should vary on track dynamics and needed headroom… and your ears, of course.

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i understand just want to get both in unity there

At the -10 Utility setting, output volume knob at max, fader at max, and CF or effects not influencing anything, you should be. Remember, unity is not a spot on the meters… just when the channel level and out level are the same. There isn’t even a channel unity to worry about on these compared to the actual physical input.

why -10 ? is there a technical reason you do this? it actually makes my system sound so much cleaner

Probably placebo effect… unless you’d been overdriving something. It prevents you from clipping the booth out and gives you a common reference for both the channels and the master. It also prevents the master from being pushed harder by other DJs if the master knob is only at its unity zero mark since it can be cranked another 10dB over that. You stick them at -10 in utility and just turn master up to max and you don’t have to worry about that.

love it such a great option. this mixer is great

Hah hah… well, Rane and A&H just have unity at max by default as it should be on the output knobs, but Pioneer doesn’t provide this option. Pioneer’s earlier mixers had rotary options, though, and the ability to hear the master volume in the headphones was useful for rotary heads to run the rotaries only up to 7 with the master knob at max.

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But Denon is giving the option to do this adjustment or not and thats a good thing

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True. When there is boost over unity on the outputs, having the option to get rid of it is certainly better than not having the option in Utility, for sure. IMO Denon DJ shouldn’t have had boost over unity even available in the first place on the outputs and they instead should have just done what A&H and Rane do. Pioneer’s excuse for their even more annoying method was for the rotary option, but they don’t even sell rotary panels anymore… just inertia, I guess.

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-10 cleans up my amp alot its so powerful i can only use 1/4 gain with -10 master output. The only thing that sux is the new music like calvin haris type ■■■■ sounds so blasted with mid and high . The tech and deep house sounds great tho. I want to buy a usb turntable and transfer my hiphop and house classics to the hard drive and use on the players.